The Beauty of Travelling with Soothing Music


To travel is what others do because they want being alone, being with their families or to have a travel vacation with someone and experience the beauty of the places they have traveled making magical memories being remembered. In my case, I do love to travel of course with music related places and vacation spots to enjoy the sound, the serenity and the songs that soothe my ear. I have not travel the world, but I have to say that I have been in places where I really enjoy that much most especially that there is music related places that will complete my journey.

I am a family man who I do always prioritize my loving wife and my cheerful children. That is why when I travel, I want that they are with me and enjoy travelling and music as well. Me and my family ones traveled in a well-known place in our area and brought with me my guitar; on the road I let my wife drive and me sing using the guitar, I must say that it was really a fun road-trip while heading to the place of our destination.

I remembered a song saying what life it would be without music. We are thankful because there is music, that there are songs people sing and the joy it brings. We sometimes see anyone riding in a bus, or any vehicle that is listening to music and noticed that s/he enjoys it. Travelling is complete for me without music. When going to work, I turned on the radio of the car just to make a day complete and this makes me inspires to work better and harder for my family.

As a father, it is always important that you inspires your wife and your children too, to motivate them doing good things and how beautiful life is with music. I don’t want to say that I know a lot about music, I just want to tell others that and let them know how important music is in the life of the people. Music makes people lively; it turns people’s life from blues to happiness, from their dark world into colorful ones, thus music is a thing that makes people’s life complete because this is their companion when they are lonely.

Talking about travelling, to travel together with your family is fun, but what makes travel complete except from food is music. Music is very influential, that it can even make people realize who they are, can make 1-year old baby sing and dance and even the old can feel very happy listen to music when they are travelling. You can make your own journey, build memories and enjoy a lot of experiences travelling singing your favorite song. Well, I must say that your experience and memories is not complete even with music if you are alone, so bring your family, loved ones or friends with and enjoy life with music.

Travelling With My Guitar


Summer season will be of so much fun if you spent your vacation together with your family. Well, planning for travel is not easy because you have to prepare all the stuffs needed and things that will make your company enjoy the travel. I am planning for a travel vacation in a place where I can bring my guitar, since bringing a guitar on a flight will take risk so I decided to travel just around the nearby city where there will be great adventures upon bringing my guitar and my family of course.

Among the great happiness of being a guitarist in despite of being a family man is the fact that this is a portable pastime. Whatever your level, you can just stick your guitar in the car, hop it on in the train or just take anywhere without to worry that much about your guitar.

Maybe you’ll why I have to bring my guitar while travelling together with my family. The thing is, I love travelling together with my family bringing with me my guitar because I play music through it and music make sense when you are on a trip most especially in a car with a lot of companion making your trip more enjoyable and exciting. But for a family man like me, I just bring my kids and wife during travel and don’t like to have more people in a ride.

If you travel along with your family, while playing a guitar and sings a song each one of them will appreciate the beauty of the scenes they’ve seen and while singing they’ll be amazed of how beautiful the world is. You can see the real beauty of the world if you’ll learn how to appreciate it even the small things. You see, a guitar is only a music instrument not just only an instrument but also an instrument and a means to interact with the people and let them realize and know that music is a way to show how life is enjoying and appreciating together with the beauty of nature making it more amazing. That is why I love to travel with my guitar, because this taught me everything such as valuing things, appreciate no matter how insignificant one is and believe in power of its words.

If you are a guitarist you should know how to value things around you just the way how I value my family. I like hanging with my family always if I have my free time and I want to sing them a song while we are on travel because music brings life on. Anyway, to continue about our travel vacation it is in a place that will make us feel free and comfortable to walk near the shore. Our travel takes 2 hours and I think that will be enough to sing songs using my guitar to my family while waiting for an arrival in a resort. If we’re already there, we enjoy the sunset while listening to my music and they also sing with me.

The art of making the best barbecue

I don’t think there ever was a time when I didn’t love barbecue. I guess having a taste of the deep, savory, smoky taste of barbecued meet was love at first bite. However, though I love barbecue, I do not have the patience to cook it. There’s an art to making barbecue and a lot of process is involved as well which is why I tend to stay away from barbecue cooking as much as possible. The only time I put effort in cooking barbecue would be when my wife nags me to death about it…LOL. We usually just order or eat out when we’re craving for some authentic southern barbecue. So it was a pleasant surprise when my friend, Bob, invited us to their home for a good old backyard barbecue party. Who was I to say no to that?

Bob and I both love barbecue but unlike me, he has the patience for cooking them. In fact, he seems to have studied the art of making the best barbecue around. He’s read a lot of cookbooks and have tried classic and modern styles of cooking barbecues. In short, he’s the barbecue master—he’s the man! My wife and I are pretty lucky to be invited to his backyard barbecue party. I would be able to see the barbecue master in action and see what he has in store for us.

When we arrived at Bob’s, he was deep in concentration with preparing the meat to be barbecued. He told me he marinated the meat a couple of days ago so they should really be full of flavor once they’re cooked. I could not stop but drool the minute he said that. What struck me as odd was that instead of putting the meat on a barbecue grill or pit, Bob placed them on a rack in a box-shaped smoker. So I asked Bob about it. Turns out, he and Kaylee (his wife) bought an electric smoker a few days ago and this was their second time to try it out. The first time, Bob said, was when he was grilling chicken and the result was, according to him, a success!

With a quality electric smoker, according to Bob, you don’t need to spend a lot of time checking the meat if it’s cooked or not. He didn’t need to use charcoal for barbecuing; instead I noticed Bob used wood chips. He just set the device and left it to cook the meat. He said it helped save time; instead of watching over the meat while it cooks, he now has time to entertain guests or have a drink or two with his wife.

I think this electric smoker is exactly what I need at home. I don’t have to worry about starting the fire or having to wait till the meat cooks. Just like Bob, I’ll just set it and forget it. I should start doing research on what the leading electric smokers on the market today are. With different brands competing out there in the market, I’ll be sure to find the best one that’ll meet my needs and financial capacity. I’ll be on my way to making great-tasting barbecue at home any time I want! :D

Motives Festival

Back in 2004, the Motives Festival was one of the premier events for Jazz. I remember it clear as day. That’s long gone now, but the music still runs through my soul.

Now that I’m back home from my vacation in Europe, I’ve been busy helping around the house. Recently, my wife and I picked up an awesome new toy for the kids; a giant trampoline. I was browsing some trampoline reviews online, and made sure to pick the one that took the longest to assemble.

Now, I know it sounds like I’m getting off track, but honestly, there’s nothing better than just doing some busy work and listening to some jazz. So even though I’m assembling the best trampoline with enclosure and hauling around some metal pipes, it’s bringing me back 10 years ago. Which is why I’m naming my blog after the Motives Festival in 2004.